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Tips For Where To Use Wall Lights

Ahhhh…..is it too late to wish everyone a Happy New Year? I know it has been a while between blogposts (thanks so much to those who are still hanging in there!) but I wanted to start off 2019 with a topic close to my heart…..wall lights (or wall sconces as they are often referred to).

Wall lights are one decorative item that I love incorporating into a space. Good lighting is such an important feature in a home and is often overlooked.  One thing I love about lighting is the mood that it can create. A wall light has many benefits, it can act as a decorative accent, provide complementary lighting to a room therefore creating a beautiful ambience. In addition it can be a great option when there is no space for a table or floor lamp. For me a wall light (or two!) is like a piece of jewellery, it can take a room to the next level. Not sure how or where to use them? Here are my Tips For Where To Use Wall Lights.

Front Entrance

Not only is a wall light next to the front door practical for night lighting, it provides a welcoming feel for visitors. It also gives instant curb appeal. Wall lights can be used on their own……

……or in pairs to provide symmetry and balance.


Flanking a Fireplace

Two wall sconces on either side of a fireplace add a sense of formality.

I love to include dimmer switches to give some flexibility to the amount of light required and create a beautiful mood.

Above a Window Seat

I am partial to a window seat. Wall lights help to define the space and add more visual interest. If you are using the seat to read, it provides a source of ambient lighting where a table lamp isn’t usually an option.


Along A Hallway

If space is limited and you can’t fit a console and lamp, adding wall lights along a hallway is a great solution. They also provide a soft illumination at night.

I love this look of featuring wall lights along a row of hallway cabinetry. They add a extra dimension to the shelving.



Using wall lights in areas such as above the kitchen sink, not only adds some task lighting, but a decorative touch. Match the finish of the sconces with the cabinetry hardware to create a cohesive look.


A current trend is to mount a wall light above some floating shelves in the kitchen. This creates a point of interest and softens the hard finishes.


Bathrooms & Powder Rooms

One of my favourite places to include wall lights are powder rooms and bathrooms. Two wall lights can work to balance a mirror and add an extra layer of lighting. Once again if you use a similar finish to the mirror and tapware, a cohesive look is achieved.

In a space usually dominated with hard finishes, I love adding an unexpected pattern on a lampshade to create some interest in the bathroom.

Sometimes you don’t need the direct lighting provided by recessed downlights. Wall lights can be a softer alternative. I tend to include both options in a bathroom.

You aren’t limited to a classic style of decor, contemporary spaces can also benefit from wall lights.

Wishing you a happy and healthy 2019.

Belinda X







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