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Creating A Restful Retreat

Ahhh, how quickly has December crept up on us this year? Despite the craziness, I love this time of year. The warm weather, festive vibes and diversion from the usual routine. Not to mention the Christmas decorating. I am so slack these days with sending out Christmas cards but always loved receiving them. I was thrilled that BQ Design used the image of our bedroom on their Christmas cards this year.

Sharing my tips for Creating A Restful Retreat

Given that bedrooms are one of my favourite rooms to design and decorate, I thought I would share this final post for the year.

Here are my top tips for Creating A Restful Retreat:

1. Calming Colour

I am fascinated with the psychology of colour and how it applies to interior spaces. It is well known that blue evokes feelings of calmness and serenity which is lucky, because blue was always going to be the main colour of my bedroom! I have neutralised the blue with grey accents and included white for a crisp look.

Sharing my tips for Creating A Restful Retreat

2. Texture

Different textures in a bedroom add interest and make it feel inviting. I have chosen a natural grasscloth wallpaper, a rich velvet for the bedhead and soft linen for the curtains. The carpet is a wool cut pile. Aside from adding a luxe feel, the textures help soften the acoustics of the room.

Sharing my tips for Creating A Restful Retreat

3. Declutter & Surround Yourself With Things You Love

Maintaining a restful space requires it to be clutter-free. Don’t store things in the bedroom that don’t belong in there. I have tried to surround myself in my bedroom with things I love, family photos, perfumes on display, blue and white ceramics and fresh flowers. After all, these are the first things I see when I wake up each morning.

Sharing my tips for Creating A Restful Retreat

My bedside table also has drawers for additional storage, keeping the surface free from clutter (and giving me more space for ‘accessories’).

Sharing my tips for Creating A Restful Retreat

4. A Good Night’s Sleep

Having a darkened room definitely helps prolong sleep (and sleep ins!). In my bedroom I have used a full thickness linen curtain and co-ordinating Roman blind, both with block out lining.

Sharing my tips for Creating A Restful Retreat

5. Lighting

Mood lighting is important in creating a restful space. Lamps are perfect for providing indirect ‘accent’ lighting. My main pendant in the room is also on a dimmer switch.

Sharing my tips for Creating A Restful Retreat

6. Layer It Up

A luxe bedhead and layered pillow help create an appealing bed, plus add more visual interest to the room. I find that white bedding is always versatile and a good place to start. You can introduce colour through the layers of cushions. For some tips on how to style your bed with pillows, check out my blogpost (here).

My Tips for Creating A Restful RetreatWishing you and your families a very Merry Christmas and safe and enjoyable holidays. Thank you so much for your support for Gallerie B this year. Looking forward to sharing some exciting news with you early next year……

Sharing my tips for Creating A Restful Retreat

Belinda XO


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